Revolution R2

Revolution R2 Lens

Protect our future and let children have a happy life
Clear, light, thin and strong with super high impact resistance revolution r2 lenses are designed especially for children. With 100% UV-A and UV-B protection, they provide children’s eyes with comprehensive protection and enable them to see their future clearly!



R2 Single Vision

The best protection for your eyes from r2
Revolution r2 single vision lenses with super strong, high impact resistance, anti-fog, anti-dust and anti-static functions, help children to see perfect images comfortably under different weather and lighting conditions.



R2 Myope Control Lenses

Innovative technology combined with thoughtful control
r2 Myope Control lenses have the function of progressive lenses, through analyzing the facial contours and ergonomics, the design fulfilling both long and short distance focusing with comfortable vision. They allow children to read in a most natural way and reduce the pressure on the eyeballs. In addition, they slow down the rate of increasing of the myopia; children can see the world more happily.

  • Prominance function
  • Easy to adapt
  • Comfortable and balanced vision
  • Minimize distorted images