Revolution R1

R1 Revolution Lens

Revolutionary changes mean you can see more clearly through stronger, lighter lenses
APOLLO Revolution Lenses made by Panlite ZG Polycarbonate, means Revolution R1 Lenses have the utmost strength and maximum impact resistance.

The brand new Revolution R1 lenses are 50% lighter than the traditional plastic lenses, offer 100% UV-A and UV-B protection and protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

Feeling fresh through seeing clearly with high definition lenses

APOLLO double-sided aspheric lenses are made with state-of-the art technology to facilitate highest functioning lenses available. They are the best choice among new generation lenses, combining double-sided aspheric design with a super high refractive element; this allows the lenses to be extremely light and thin.




Optics Pioneer for Perfect Vision
The Revolution R1 design has Single Vision, Anti-Fatigue and Progressive lenses. Created with the most advanced optical technology, created by the top professionals, the clear and accurate lenses are custom fitted for every user’s needs and combine the greatest comfort with best vision for all users.

Advanced Design for Quality Images
The brand new Revolution R1 lenses are tailor-made for users to obtain the perfect optical lenses. Common optical lenses can cause double refraction, optical inaccuracy, lens discrepancy and visual distortion. Conversely, the new technologies employed in Revolution R1 lenses achieve zero visual discrepancy, distortion and inaccuracy.



R1 Single Vision

Light, ultra-thin with excellent HD Visual

Single Vision (1.59 refraction rate Das double-sided aspheric lenses)
Revolution R1 lenses based on 1.59 refraction rate Das double-sided aspheric lenses reduce or eliminate the disadvantages of traditional lens visual discrepancy and distortion. Users will have more comfortable HD visuals, with a broadened and more accurate view and image.


Revolution R1 lenses are ultra-thin, light, 25% lighter compared with the traditional plastic lenses and 20% thinner compared with the 1.60 HID lenses. This means greater comfort for users and easy matching with different styles of modern frames.




R1 Anti Fatigue

The innovative optical design for creative lifestyle
Revolution R1’s Anti-Fatigue lenses, combines long and short focuses, with a very accurate scan positioning. The upper segment of the lens is for hyperopia and the lower segment is for myopia. With no conflict between the two segments, users can adapt easily for long and short focuses while retaining perfect image resolution. Pressure on the eyeballs is also reduced by focusing on short distance for a longer time and maintains good visual eye function.




R1 Progressive

Breakthrough functional design is the excellent choice
Progressive lenses are the top choice for the Revolution R1 lenses. They combine utmost strength with high scratch resistance, as well as ultra-thin, light and double-sided aspheric design, accurate prescription techniques using state-of-the art technology, help users to retain absolutely perfect and natural vision for long, middle and short distances.


Revolution R1 Progressive 1.59 Primary
This is a great standard progressive lenses model, providing accurate and clear visuals. It helps users achieve relaxed focusing long, middle and short distances.

Revolution R1 Progressive 1.59 Tailor-made
These lenses offer a highly professional and tailor-made design for the user. The optometrist will, based on the general behaviour of the user, set the parameters in the lenses for making the most suitable progressive lenses. This enables the user to achieve the ultimate perfect, comfortable and high quality vision.