Company Profile

Hong Kong Optical Lens Co. Ltd is the largest manufacturer of RX optical lenses in Greater China, with an extensive distribution network that extends beyond the region to reach global markets. Over the recent years, our business has been diversified into the production of spectacle frames. We are also an authorized dealer for many global brands.

Founded in 1970, our company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with 11 offices, 6 RX laboratories, one spectacle frames factory and 2 casting factories across Asia. Starting with only 5 staff members, we now have 1,800 employees following four decades of rapid non-stop expansion.

Our manufacturing role
We produce a large and diversified range of optical lens products of more than 200 types, including single-vision lens, bifocal lens, spherical lens, aspherical lens, progressive lens and sunglasses, in both the coated and non-coated categories.

Our comprehensive suite of related services range from design to R & D, actual production, coating, quality control, edging, shipment and after-sales warranty services. Supporting this broad spectrum of activities, we have established a large infrastructure of research and production facilities located in key cities across the region and also in Moscow, under our management.

For OEM and ODM customers, we offer them customized services in a complete or partial package, depending on their specific needs. There are also standard products in our portfolio too.     

Our supply and distribution role

We distribute finished and semi-completed products directly to our customers, which include optical shops, optical brands, wholesalers and smaller manufacturers. Most of our customers come from the Asian region, though orders may originate in further parts of the world, such as USA, Europe and Russia.

Our agent role

Hong Kong Optical Lens has been appointed by several global brand names, including Seiko, Kodak, Pentax, Sola, Corning, Asahi and others, to be their authorized dealer in Hong Kong.