Our Services

Hong Kong Optical Lens has the core competencies, experience and technology to manage its entire value chain internally, from design through production and delivery, alongside its rapidly growing distribution and customer service networks that span across the region and around the world.

Design and Research
Capitalizing on our latest laboratory expertise, we provide unique, custom-precision solutions, in the design of lenses of different focal lengths, coatings, sizes, materials and other requirements. Our lens design is closely attuned to specific customer needs and current market trends. In addition, we constantly research, develop and acquire new patented technologies to enhance the functions and marketability of our products.

By using state-of-the-art technology, our laboratories and facilities provide a full range of manufacturing functions and processes, inclusive of component design, diamond tuning, grinding and polishing, high-volume production, molding, coating, prototyping, testing, replication, sizing, edging, shaping and more. Our QC systems are in place to ensure that optical lenses of the highest quality are produced.

OEM project consultancy and management
We help our OEM customers transform ideas and concepts into practical product lines. Upon their approval, the design blueprint is then subjected to our fully integrated and networked production systems to develop production plans, facilitating a product from concept, through prototyping and to production. We can also recommend branding strategies and marketing initiatives as and when required.

Branding and Licensing 
We work closely with prestigious international brands and are constantly on the lookout for new partners for licensing opportunities. As a licensee, we are conscientious in our efforts to manage the brands we carry to ensure that they remain successful in the market. We also help brand-owners expand their product lines.

Distribution and shipment
Our extensive distribution networks around the region help drive our product sales and their high turnover. Besides logistics convenience and fast delivery, our networks also facilitate vertical and horizontal integration to achieve greater inventory control and economies of scale. Our distribution experts are always on hand to coordinate product shipment, on schedule to different venues around the world.

Hong Kong Optical Lens is a marketing specialist in our profession. Over the years, many of our customers have commissioned us to develop creative packaging and effective marketing collaterals, such as catalogues, leaflets and other forms of literature, to raise their product visibility.

After-sales warranty and other services
We provide warranty coverage against manufacturers’ defects, along with a technical support service to complement our after-sales services.