Our Manufacturing Facilities

Hong Kong Optical Lens has the machining capacity and technology to produce any optical component in-house. Our state-of-the-art optical lens laboratories, casting plant and spectacle frames factory are concentrated in the Asian region – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and Philippines. We also run a joint-venture in Moscow.

As the region’s largest RX lens manufacturer, we use only the best optical laboratory equipment, which include :

  • Automated edging systems to drill and process rimless lenses and other products
  • Lens drilling equipment for drilling all polycarbonate and plastic materials, cutting channels and milling slots in rimless mounted frames
  • Layout blocker equipment, to check blank size and facilitate accurate bifocal layout
  • Auto lensmeters, to read all lines and progressive lens automatically and accurately
  • Lens grinding and  finishing equipments

Besides product research and development, our laboratory facilities are also equipped with injection molding machines, humidity control dryer systems, standard clean-rooms for lens coating, cleaning, annealing, curing and other functions.

Being equipped with such a comprehensive range of machinery and amenities has enabled us to provide a fast turnaround service, enjoy economies of scale and pass back the cost benefits to our customers.