Quest for Service Excellence

Hong Kong Optical Lens has established itself as a premier one-stop lens distributor of choice. Today, our brand is synonymous with superior responsive customer service and value-added support. Our stability and strong financial foundation also allows us to provide our valued customers and strategic partners with service excellence in more ways than one.

Online ordering system
Under our business support team, we run an online ordering system, where our customers can place their orders anywhere, anytime and any day on the Internet. All they have to do is to fill in a simple order form on our portal and transmit it immediately to us for follow-up.

Every confirmed customer is also assigned a barcode with a job number for our mutual easy reference. With every job number assigned, a dedicated customer service representative will personally attend to your account , providing you with a single contact point.

Specialised customer accounts
Each Hong Kong Optical Lens customer is given an online account, Upon signing in, they can check and monitor the progress of their orders, whether they are still in the production stage, being packaged or sent to them by shipment.

48-hour delivery
Once the order is finalised, the finished products will be shipped to the customer within two days.

Daily collection and delivery in Hong Kong, Taiwan and PRC cities
Three times each working day, our customer team will  personally visit optical shops in the region to collect orders and deliver finished products, including finished and semi-finished products.  

24-hour Customer Services and Emergency Hotline
Our customer service representatives are always ready to provide you with assistance and services around the clock – 24 hours every day and seven days a week – via our hotline. If you have any emergency requests and issues to clarify, please feel free to contact us at [-]

Hong Kong Optical Lens has enforced a total quality system to address the needs of international standards and regulatory requirements. Testifying to the importance we place on our consistently high product quality are the following accreditations we have achieved over the years:

  • ISO9001: 2000
  • Facility Certification, U. S. Food and Drug Administration (D109395, D109396, D109397)
  • Japan's Medical Device Certification (5121877007410)